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Government / Politics

Federal Government
Executve Branch -
Executve Branch - - Executive Branch
Executve Branch - Archives Library Information Center - Presidents and First Ladies
Executve Branch - - Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Executve Branch - Federal Register - Access to Federal laws, presidential documents, administrative regulataions, and more
Executve Branch - Archives of Executive Orders
Executve Branch - Federal Agency Directory - From the Louisiana State University Library
Judicial Branch - - Federal Courts, Appellate Courts, Trial Courts, Opinions and Reference
Judicial Branch - Library of Congress - Guide to Law Online
Judicial Branch - Oyez - U.S. Supreme Court Media
Judicial Branch - U.S. Party / Case Index
Legislative Branch - - Congress, Congressional Offices, Reference, Podasts
Legislative Branch - Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
Legislative Branch - The Center for Legislative Archives - Records of the U.S. House and Senate
Legislative Branch - U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates
Legislative Branch - Congressional Budget Office
Legislative Branch - Congressional Committee Materials Online
Legislative Branch - FedLaw - Federal legal research references
Legislative Branch - - United States House of Representatives
Legislative Branch -
Legislative Branch - - Information about the U.S. Congress - how it works, its members and leaders, and the public policies it produces.
General - - Taxes - Taxes and tax-related information
General - - The official site of the Internal Revenue Service
Executive Branch - Social Security Numbers
Executive Branch - Social Security Information
Find U. S. Representative from your District/State - If you know you zip code, you can find who the U. S. Representative from your District/State
Find who the two (2) United States Senators are from your State - The site will permit you find who the two (2) United States Senators are from your State.
Have Address but need the zip code - If you know the physical address, but not the zip code, click the hyperlink.

Federal Tax forms / publications - The site will give you the federal tax forms and publications.
Federal Tax forms / publications (prior years) - This site provides IRS tax forms and publications for prior years.

Local Government
Quitman County
Quitman County Genealogy
Quitman County History
Quitman County History - A short history of Quitman County and Marks, Mississippi
Quitman County Facts - Quick facts from the U.S. Census Bureau

State Government - State Agencies
Mississippi Statistics and Reports - From the Mississippi Department of Revenue
Mississippi - State and County Quick Facts - From the U.S. Census Bureau
Mississippi State Government Telephone Directory
Vital Records Information - Mississippi
Vital Records - From the Mississippi State Department of Health
Death Records and Certificates
Tax forms of other states - The website provides access to tax forms of other states.
Mississippi Tax Forms - The website has access to Mississippi tax forms.
Mississippi Tax contacts - The website will put you in contact with Mississippi tax personnel.
State Documents - From the Mississippi Library Commission
Dept of Public Safety - Driver's License - State of Mississippi government site
Mississippi Legal Services