Visual Summer Reading Program
To find the visuals for the 2020 Summer Reading Program, look to the left and down for "Children," and click it.  

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Welcome to 24/7 access with the Marks-Quitman County Library.

With the implementation of the Library's website, the staff hopes to provide more answers to your questions.
If the website does not provide answers to your questions, please send the Library an e-mail, a fax, or use the phone number to communicate more directly with the staff.


   Fax Number: 662-326-7141

   To send or to receive a fax:  1 (one) dollar per page
     Please call us to let us know your are expecting a fax.


Internet Access
For public use, the Marks-Quitman County Library has ten computers with Internet accessibility. There is a 30 minute time limit when people are waiting.
You can also use your laptop to connect to the Internet via the Library's wireless hub.
Printing is .50 cents for a single-sided black and white page and $1.00 for a single-sided color page.