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Business and Finance

Business and Financial News
100 Top Finance Websites

Company and Industry Research
Bureau of Labor Statistics - With over 100 industry pages available, these pages display a snapshot of national data obtained from different Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys and programs.
The Annual Reports Library
Business Dictionaries - A comprehensive financial glossary, and a management and technology dictionary.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - A first-rate place for information-shopping on U.S. companies. Its EDGAR database search site is easy to use and provides access to documents that companies and corporations are required to file under regulatory laws.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (EDGAR search site)
U.s. Census - County Business Patterns

Marketing and Demographics
Bureau of Economic Analysis - Regional Economic Accounts - they tell us about the geographic distribution of U.S. economic activity and growth.

Rates / Calculators / Statistics
NASA Inflation Calculators - Cost Estimating Website
Currency Converter
Distance Calculator
How Much is That? - These calculators allow you to convert past values into current values (and vice versa).
The Inflation Calculator - Adjust any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2007.
Salary Calculator - Measure your job compensation to the closest match in this database by searching on job title and location.
Time Zone Converter
Universal Currency Converter
Salary Comparison by Location
GovSpot - Statistics
U.S. and World Population Clock
Bureau of the Public Debt
2010 Statistical Abstract