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Government / Politics

Federal Government
Executve Branch -
Executve Branch - - Executive Branch
Executve Branch - Archives Library Information Center - Presidents and First Ladies
Executve Branch - - Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Executve Branch - Federal Register - Access to Federal laws, presidential documents, administrative regulataions, and more
Executve Branch - Archives of Executive Orders
Executve Branch - Federal Agency Directory - From the Louisiana State University Library
Judicial Branch - - Federal Courts, Appellate Courts, Trial Courts, Opinions and Reference
Judicial Branch - Library of Congress - Guide to Law Online
Judicial Branch - Oyez - U.S. Supreme Court Media
Judicial Branch - U.S. Party / Case Index
Legislative Branch - - Congress, Congressional Offices, Reference, Podasts
Legislative Branch - Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
Legislative Branch - The Center for Legislative Archives - Records of the U.S. House and Senate
Legislative Branch - U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates
Legislative Branch - Congressional Budget Office
Legislative Branch - Congressional Committee Materials Online
Legislative Branch - FedLaw - Federal legal research references
Legislative Branch - - United States House of Representatives
Legislative Branch -
Legislative Branch - - Information about the U.S. Congress - how it works, its members and leaders, and the public policies it produces.
General - - Taxes - Taxes and tax-related information
General - - The official site of the Internal Revenue Service
Executive Branch - Social Security Numbers
Executive Branch - Social Security Information
Find U. S. Representative from your District/State - If you know you zip code, you can find who the U. S. Representative from your District/State
Find who the two (2) United States Senators are from your State - The site will permit you find who the two (2) United States Senators are from your State.
Have Address but need the zip code - If you know the physical address, but not the zip code, click the hyperlink.

Federal Tax forms / publications - The site will give you the federal tax forms and publications.
Federal Tax forms / publications (prior years) - This site provides IRS tax forms and publications for prior years.

Local Government
Quitman County
Quitman County Genealogy
Quitman County History
Quitman County History - A short history of Quitman County and Marks, Mississippi
Quitman County Facts - Quick facts from the U.S. Census Bureau
Works Progress Administration for Mississippi - The site contains the Works Progress Administration's (WPAs) "Works Progress Administration for Mississippi Source Material for Mississippi History Quitman County Vol. LX." Since nearly every Mississippi County is on the website, one has to space down until one sees "Quitman County." Click on the hyperlink.

State Government - State Agencies
Mississippi Statistics and Reports - From the Mississippi Department of Revenue
Mississippi - State and County Quick Facts - From the U.S. Census Bureau
Mississippi State Government Telephone Directory
Vital Records Information - Mississippi
Vital Records - From the Mississippi State Department of Health
Death Records and Certificates
Tax forms of other states - The website provides access to tax forms of other states.
Mississippi Tax Forms - The website has access to Mississippi tax forms.
Mississippi Tax contacts - The website will put you in contact with Mississippi tax personnel.
State Documents - From the Mississippi Library Commission
Dept of Public Safety - Driver's License - State of Mississippi government site
Mississippi Legal Services