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American History
Documents in American History
Historic American Newspapers
U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates - A century of lawmaking for a new nation
Archiving Early America
Core Documents of U.S. History
Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention
The Avalon Project - Documents in law, history and diplomacy
Eye Witness to History

American South
Documenting the American South
Annotated list of Southern culture links

American West
American West - information and links about many topics such as cowboys, Native Americans, outlaws and more
The Cowboys
Cowboy's Prayer
Legends of America - Old West Legends
New Perspectives on the West
Vaqueros: The First Cowboys of hte Open Range
Cowboy History
The Wild West

Ancient History
Ancient History
The Ancient World
The Ancient World
History - Ancient Greece

Jewish History

Women in History
African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
Gifts of Speech - Women's speeches from around the world
American Women's History - A Research Guide
Women in History - Newark Public Library Web Guides

World History
Women's Studies & History - From the Saint Paul Public Library
Women in History - Awesome Library
Activist Resources / Womens Issues - From Rutgers University

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe - This site offers the text to numerous European historical documents arranged by region and historical period
History Net - A vast collection of articles on all aspects of history.
World History Archives
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - Covers ancient Greece and the Hellenic world, Rome and the Near East
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
EyeWitness to History