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Jobs and Careers

Job Hunting
CareerOnewStop - The site is geared to job seekers, students, and businesses, and has tips for resumes and for job interviews.
Class A Drivers - The site offers jobs for Class A truck drivers.
Job Star: Job Search Guide - The site contains job information for various locale around the country.
Construction Workers - The site is a job bank for construction workers.
Mississippi State Personnel Board - The MSPB site has a current job openings list that can be accessed by county or by salary. To access clik on "Job Seeker," locted at the bottom left, and then click on "Job Openings," located at the top right under "MSPB Career Center."
Memphis Help Wanted - The site lists jobs in the Memphis, Tennesse, area. The site requires registrations to post a resume, but not to search the site. - The site is the largest online datatbase for jobs. The site can be seached by company name, location, discipline, industry, job title, or combinations of them. The Online Career Cewnter is part of this site.
Federal Government Jobs - The site lists federal agencies and personnel sites statewide or nationally. Post your resume online for free.
Nation Job - The site can be searched by keyword, category, company name, city, state, or zip code.
Job Choices 2012 - The site offers career development and job search advice.
Linkup - The site provides searching job openings from 23,169 company websites.